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If you are wondering what is the difference between:

  • Website has an institutional and informative nature. The website of a company, whether institutional or e-commerce, is a good example.
  • Hotsite is a website for temporary promotion. It searches for specific results. For example, it is greatly used for promotional actions.

Now that you know the difference between website and hotsite, learn about our process of creation

How to create a website?

Creating a website or hotsite requires some important processes for implementation, such as:

  • 1. Planning of UX

    It is the stage in which we trace the profile of the people who will access the website and, based on this, we plan an interface that matches that type of user. The goal is that the site is easy to use and navigate.

  • 2. Information architecture and data

    At this stage, we rank and categorize the content that will be available on the website. The purpose is that the most relevant information is easier to be found and that the content is organized efficiently and clearly.

  • 3. SEO planning

    To carry out the optimization of websites, organization and planning are made so that the website can achieve, in organic form, better positions on Google and other search engines

  • 4. Layout

    It is the step in which all the visual identity of the website is created. Here we determine which typography will be applied, colors and all other visual elements that will be used on each page

  • 5. Implementation

    It is the stage where the site is built. Technologies like HTML and CSS are applied so that the layout from the previous step may be interpreted by a browser and the site can became viewable and functional. In this step are also installed the management systems that match with the solution presented: from the CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla!, to e-commerce platforms as Shopify.

  • 6. Launch

    The stage where the website is published under a domain, with help of a hosting service. After the launch, your website now captures leads for your business.

como criar um site de qualidade?

How to create a quality website?

Creating a quality website requires some important factors:

  • Having an easy content that can be found in Google and that helps the user in his navigation.
  • It should be easy to navigate, so if the website does not have this quality, your potential customer hardly returns.
  • Must be responsive or have a mobile version, which means the site needs to suit the size of any screen, either on mobile, on a computer or on a tablet.
google com seo

Improve your positioning in Google with SEO

You must be wondering how to obtain results in conversions, sales, branding or capturing leads? The answer is in SEO.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to optimize your search results, so that these can, in a strategic way, achieve organic results. By organic results we mean non-paid results – those that show up on search engines, like Google, mostly on the top results.

So, a good job of planning and organizing of SEO strategy for the optimization of websites enables a better position in Google.

site responsivo

Why have a responsive website?

Ever opened a website on your computer and the print was too small? Or opened it on your smartphone and it is gigantic? On account of the demand for multiple screens that we use to access the internet such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers, websites had to adapt to this reality. In this way, a responsive or adapted website for mobile devices is one that adjusts to any size screen.

It is estimated that 92.1%* of Brazilian households have accessed the internet through mobile phones, while 70.1% *of households through desktop computers. You must know the habits of your potential audience so they can access your website from all forms of possible screens.

*Source: The data is from 2015 and is part of the supplement of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD). Information obtained in:



Hosting is what makes the website visible on the web! There are three types of hosting

  • Website Hosting: it is the shared hosting for servers that have hundreds of websites, which means you pay less because it is shared with multiple servers at the same time;
  • Virtual private server or VPS: you will share with far fewer people, though for a higer cost;
  • Dedicated Server: is the service where you will have an entire server and all its resources intended only for your website; this option ends up being the most expensive among the others.

On VX we find the best indication and hosting solution for your company.

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