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criação de marca

Creating a Brand: create the face of your company

The process of creating a brand goes hand in hand with a good business plan strategy. When a company starts its operations or decides to reformulate its visual presentation, it is necessary to ensure that it is not just another one in the crowd! All of this because consumers choose products from a perceived value. That is, your brand needs to think ahead and be worth more than its products or services!

After defining goals, mission and corporate values, it is possible to outline a prominent corporate visual identity. A strong brand is the one that tells the story of the company and establishes a relationship with the public. However, many still wonder: how to create a visual identity capable of translating the full potential of a product?

With this big mission in mind, we have prepared solutions and specialized services to assist on the creation of the brand of your company. We’ve been on the road since 2002 and we are proud of the many successful partnerships that we achieved in recent years.

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logotipo ou logomarca?

Logotype or logomark: what's the difference, after all?

When the time of turning ideas and concepts into graphic symbols comes, many still have doubts about the terms logo and logotype. Are they the same thing? The answer is no, and the explanation lies in the etymology (origin) of each word.

The word logotype comes from the greek and means “symbol of a concept” (logos; concept and typos; figure or symbol). On the other hand, logomark(=trademark) is a word composed by a Greek word (logos) and other Germanic (mark). When analyzing the term as a whole, we conclude that a logomark is the same as saying, “meaning of meaning”. It is a redundant concept, however, that caught on the popular taste.

Therefore, the most suitable terminology is logotype or just logo! After all, the word expresses an idea of representation of a meaning. The creation of the logo gives shape and personality for graphical representation of a company.

How to make a logo: step by step

The creation of a corporate visual identity involves several steps and elements. The goal is to develop a functional brand, easy to remember and strong enough to stand out among so many others. A harmonious design, marketing strategies, and creativity are some of the most important points of the process.

Although this may seem simple, the creation of a trademark requires an extensive work of research, that comes from theoretical assumptions of design and psychology, involving semiotics, color, composition and much more!

How does the development of the “face” of your company work:

  • definindo as bases

    Defining the foundations

    The first step of the creative process of visual identity is the definition of brand (logo + symbol); symbol (graphic signal) and logo (sign of identification). In order to do this, we research, seek references, evaluate market trends and reflect if a visual representation is in agreement with the buyer persona. To achieve a solid concept, we rely on a lot of brainstorming, sketches, lists of ideas and other sources of inspiration.
  • paleta de cor

    Choosing the color palette

    After you set the primary elements, it is time to choose a color that will awaken the public's perception. The institutional color palette plays a very important role in the corporate visual identity. Each color tickles distinct sensations in people. Therefore, it is vital to choose a palette in accordance with the mission and the concept of the brand. We also develop the visual identity manual. It is from this manual that we can carry out the proper reproduction of the brand, within standards and established rules. This document provides all specifications of shape, color scale, typography and other information related to your visual identity.
  • escolhendo a tipografia

    Choosing the typography

    The typography, one of the pillars of graphic design, has a very broad application. The font used characterizes the concept that your company wants to convey to the public. It is necessary to be original, clear and objective in the typography choice that will represent the brand. The style and arrangement of letters can cause various sensations, from security and seriousness to instability. It is important to remember that in addition to the brand, you also need to have strategies for offline media and digital media. Finally, it is possible to add slogans, mascots, graphics and other elements in the process of creating a brand.
identidade visual

How is the process of creating a brand?

The creation of a brand, the visual identity and the branding (what the public perceives as the brand) vary according to the type of business. A great example of branding is our partnership with Cuscuz Bacana, a company that sells sweet, tapioca-based couscous.

The challenge to the brand was repositioning their product, from the street to the supermarket shelves. Traditionally, the sweet couscous is sold on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Cuscuz Bacana had the innovative, industrial and ascendable proposal of producing the first gourmet couscous. In this partnership, we offered solutions, from packaging to social media and website. Check the case of Cuscuz Bacana.

The creation of a brand is one hell of a mission!

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