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gerenciamento de redes sociais

The management of social media is one of the main strategies of digital marketing.

Which company does not love to be remembered and recognized by the public in a positive way?

With how many fans do you make a powerful and influential platform for social interaction? Well, the answer is not accurate, because every minute more people join social media. Billions of users, billions of opportunities!

Keeping an eye on these numbers, companies have used these communication channels to promote products and services. However, how do you please and reach the public the right way? How to make a “killer post” and achieve results?

With this great responsibility in mind, our team of experts prepared creative and innovative solutions to optimize your management of social media. Talk to a specialist and guarantee good results.

What is a social network?

Social media is an online platform for interaction and communication between people with common interests and goals. Sure, you know or use many of them. Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Snapchat, YouTube, among others, are relationships networks highly accessed in Brazil and all around the world.

Convenience, high range and the approximation with the public are the greatest advantages offered by these platforms.

redes sociais ou sociais?

Social networking or Social Media?

Social networks are social structures composed by persons or organizations, which are connected by one or several types of relationships that have goals or common values.

Online platforms of interaction between communities (Youtube, Facebook, FB, Twitter, etc.) are social media, which give space to the relations of social networks. Therefore, social networks were synonymous of social media on the Internet.

But this ends up in the background when we realize the results that the work of Social Media can bring to businesses.

Gerenciamento de redes sociais

What is social network management?

It seems simple, but the management of social networking goes far beyond just posting and forgetting about it. What you need needs is a good digital marketing plan behind the strategy, so it is necessary to perform tests, check reports, measure and evaluate the results. The work of social media management involves strategic planning, creativity and continuous monitoring.

How to make a social media planning?

Social media are powerful channels of communication between the company and its audience. They increase the visibility of the brand and help promote a positive image, through interaction and dialog. A good management planning of platforms should take into consideration certain factors, such as:

  • To whom is the message directed? Who is your persona?
  • What are the goals behind this strategy?
  • On what platforms should it be?
  • Is the message conveyed in synch with the values and concepts of the brand?

It is worth remembering that the audience of social networks does not belong to you, it belongs to the platforms (Facebook, Instagram etc.). The channels are used to “hook” the public and direct you to points of sale, sites, blogs and others.

Marketing nas redes sociais: potencializando oportunidades

Marketing on social networks: enhancing opportunities

There are many ways a company can make their digital presence, be it by creating a website or hotsite to promote products, or through a campaign on social networks. Each channel has a specific purpose. However, in order to sell their products or services on the website or physical store, you need to impact and attract people to your business. This is possible by throgh social network marketing!

Social networks play a fundamental role in the Inbound Marketing Strategy, as they help improve the reputation of the brand, bringing it to the public through a segmented and valuable content. With a good job of social network marketing, the company gains relevance to the public.

What are the most used social networks in Brazil?

Facebook is the most popular among Brazilians, followed by WhatsApp, Messenger, YouTube and Instagram. Other very popular platforms are Google+, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Planning and production of content: how to do it?

Before you begin the work, it is necessary to make a checklist to provide a good basis for the planning of content:

  • Setting goals (do you want to generate leads? Increase the conversion rate?)
  • Documentation of procedures
  • Definition of themes, topics and messages
  • Definition of buyer persona
  • Know in which channels your persona spends more time
  • Definition of timelines
  • Consider the steps of the journey of the consumer (knowledge, consideration and decision)

When your social network marketing strategy is well defined, it is time to think about the production of the content. Each social network has a specific characteristic and it is often important to do tests to see what works or doesn’t. On Facebook, images, videos and gifs are the formats that cause greater impact, but on websites and blogs the focus is on more dense content, however, optimized via Inbound and SEO techniques.

After conducting a campaign on social networks, it is mandatory to make a rigorous monitoring of results. You need to stay on top of what went wrong to improve and also what went right, to know what works and go beyond. It is one big of a mission! And we can help you in this, speak with a specialist.

Social Ads

Social Ads: is it worth investing?

You’ve probably heard terms like Facebook Ads, Twitter and Instagram Ads. They are paid media used to promote brands in major social media networks. Many wonder: is it really necessary to invest and boost publications?

The answer is yes! We all know that the organic range of Facebook, for example, it is increasingly difficult. The Facebook Marketing and advertising on Instagram are some of the most productive strategies used by businesses, especially those that are starting their activities.

A great advantage of paid media is the rapid and extensive range of publications. To direct a successful campaign, it is essential to seek help from a web agency that rocks in managing social networks!

We are proud of the numerous successful partnerships that we earned during all these years. Have you set your digital marketing strategies?

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