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Marketing has gone through a major revolution in recent years.

The Internet pulled out all the stops and changed our consumption habits. To accompany this transformation, companies have increasingly consulted with digital marketing agencies. Venturing out on the web on business requires strategy. There are many factors and processes necessary for a successful campaign. Earning a positive reputation on the web is the main objective of a brand. Before starting the work and posting content without strategic planning, know that you need a foolproof digital marketing planning! We are a digital marketing agency, advertising online and offline for many years in a row. We’ve been on this road since 2002, along with our customers. Do you need help in digital communication for your company? So, come chat with us!

Digital Marketing: what is it?

Digital marketing is a set of communication strategies to promote services and products in the digital environment. Companies and brands communicate more directly and in segmented ways, taking valuable content to a qualified audience, at the right time and the right way.

Our experience in digital strategic planning comprises from managing social networks to inbound marketing, among other tools.

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How to build a digital marketing plan?

It is not just about inserting an image, a text and post on social media. It is necessary to draw up a good digital marketing plan, to ensure that the actions performed online have results and goals. Each company possesses characteristics, values and goals themselves, therefore, there isn’t a magic formula. However, there are several aspects that should be taken into consideration at the time of planning:

  • A lot of research! Documenting processes, storing data, analyzing the competition, checking the market opportunities and your company’s situation
  • Set the buyer persona: know who they are (needs, desires, doubts) to adjust the approach and the language of the message
  • Define what are the channels of the campaign: where is your ideal audience? On Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?
  • Adjust the content in accordance with the platform: each channel has singularities. Instagram is very visual, while Twitter works with objective and short messages, for example
  • Invest in Social Ads (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram Ads), especially if the company has just arrived on the market or if you need short-term results
  • Optimize the content in SEO to generate organic (non-paid) traffic
  • Monitoring and measuring activities is fundamental to evaluate results, improve strategies and allow the cycle to continue
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Marketing in social networks: your company in a serious relationship with the public

Marketing in social networks is a natural tendency of the market, meaning where the audience is, companies will follow. In the past, it was necessary to compete with a page or two to announce campaigns and products. Now, the Internet offers endless possibilities. But keep calm, there’s space for everyone! However, one thing is certain: you can’t just post and forget about it. We already know that without good strategic planning, nothing happens. Making a buzz on networks is an art, and to impress the (increasingly demanding) audience you must organize creative ideas, subtle messages, directed to a targeted audience while keeping with its institutional campaign. The so-called relationship marketing is a strong ally for companies approaching the public via social networks. The billions of users active on social media are a sort of thermometer for a company. With interaction it is possible to check questions, suggestions, ratings, comments and reactions of the public. Data is extremely important in the universe of digital marketing. After all, what the audience says or feels is very interesting to your sales team, don’t you agree?

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Why invest in social network marketing?

The most used Social Media tools in Brazil are Facebook and Instagram. Through digital platforms, brands and companies connect to people interested in their products or services. The communication is more intimate, direct, dynamic and facilitated. This interaction is fundamental to assemble digital marketing strategies, once the contents are planned and produced from actual data. Another great advantage of marketing in social networks are the reports generated by the platforms, which allow you to keep tabs and monitor publications in an automated way. Besides strengthening ties between companies and public, the strategy enhances the reputation of the trademark, causing it to be present on the web in a positive way, garnering credibility and attracting increasingly more fans.

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Ever heard of Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing (also known as attraction marketing or content marketing) is a marketing tool to attract people using techniques such as SEO and strategy on social networks.

More and more companies are turning to Inbound Marketing Strategies, associated with the good old Outbound Marketing, or the traditional advertising. We can say that Inbound marketing is custom-made in order to meet the needs and desires of the public.

To assemble an effective plan of online communication, you will need the help of a digital marketing agency with expertise in strategic planning

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